Questions about selling Your Property

  • Simply call on 01204 238368 or fill our online valuation form.
  • After independent valuations, we will make you a free, no- obligation formal cash offer.
  • If you choose to accept our formal offer, you decide the date for sale completion.
  • On your chosen date, the house sale is completed, and the money is transferred to you.

As a property buying company, we must buy property at a discount. There is no set discount amount we apply.

There are no fees to pay at any point in the selling process. We will make you a free, no-obligation cash offer.

We carry out a full, in-depth analysis of the local market.

We buy any residential property across 3miles radius from Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The traditional way of selling a house, through the open market, is fraught with uncertainties regarding price and timescale. At Panda Property we give you certainty, flexibility and speed, putting you in complete control of the transaction.

Getting a genuine cash offer from Panda Property puts you in a strong, proceedable, chain-free position for your next property.

You do not have to wait on the market for a buyer or prepare your house viewings. A cash offer puts in an ideal situation to make your onward move quickly.

The formal offer we make is valid for 7 days. If you wanted to proceed with our formal offer after this period, we would need to re-appraise your property and local market condition. If nothing has changed, your original, your original offer would still stand.

All properties we buy are subject to a full survey. If a serious structure issue is flagged, this may affect the price we can offer. However, this is all completed before we exchange contracts, so you are free to walk away cost and obligation free up until exchange of contract.

Not before we make a formal cash offer. However, if you do decide to accept our offer and proceed then we will need to complete a survey just to make sure the property is structured sound. All surveys are completed by local, independent surveyors.

We will sell the property via the open market the take on all the uncertainties and hassles you would have otherwise encountered or turn it into a rental property.

Yes, Most of our customers are looking for certainty rather than speed. Most of our sellers are buying another property, so the timescales are dictated by that onward move, whether that be in 4-12 week. Panda Property offer a guaranteed house sale with the money ready for you whenever you want to move.

If your property is structurally sound, and mortgageable, Panda Property can still buy it. This means you do not have to worry about decorating of fixing issues before you can sell.

There are several scenarios in which we will not be able to provide an offer for your property. These are:

  • If the property is unmortgage able (this would mean, we will find it difficult to sell it later)
  • If we are unable to ascertain market value.
  • If the property has sitting tenants.
  • If there are any other factors that may place an unduly high risk on us being able to resell the property.

All money is handled through your solicitor. Upon completion, your solicitor will redeem any mortgage from the proceeds of the sale and then the balance will be transferred to you.

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